Get Out of Your Own Way

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Next Challenge Group Starts Monday








Remember all those times that you told yourself you would start eating healthier and start working out, starting tomorrow or next week or next month or after this or after that??

Well GUESS WHAT?!  TODAY is tomorrow. Today is that next week. Today is that next month. I mean really. How many more tomorrows do you need? Life happens and there will always be things coming up and obstacles in your way. But you know what the biggest obstacle is holding you back… YOU!

Starting next Monday, August 17th, I will be turning up the heat on my own fitness routine and working harder at my own goals. I am looking for 10 women to join me! 10 women who are READY to CHANGE, MORE than they want to stay the same. 10 people that BELIEVE in themselves and are willing to COMMIT and give it their best shot. 10 women that are ready to make a few changes and do a little work and have some RESULTS with me in the next 30 days.

I just need YOU to put in as little as 30 minutes a day to YOURSELF, and about 2 minutes of your time to me. And what you get in return.

  • An in home fitness program of your choice
    (I will help you decide which one is best for you.)
  • 1 on 1 support with me
  • A spot in my exclusive online accountability group for team support, motivation, accountability, and daily tips 
  • 30 days of Shakeology for a daily nutrient-dense meal replacement
  • A simple meal plan with foolproof proper portion control
  • A happy belly FULL of healthy wholesome real food. No starving. No pills. No wraps. No gimmicks or fads.
  • A Free shirt when you submit your results and a chance to win a cash prize!

 Money-back guarantee <—Seriously! You have nothing to lose, except some lbs and inches!

Warning: After 30 days, you may feel more energetic, more alive, have more confidence and self esteem, and may be a happier and more positive person, as well as healthier body.

I’ll only be adding TEN women to guide 1-on-1 in my exclusive group (so I can focus on EACH of you and ensure you have my support), so if you are one of those 10 that are READY to COMMIT to doing something good for yourself, then act fast!

Comment below with “I AM READY” so I know you’re ready.

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